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And It Goes…

A year ago, I had a resolution. But like every year, I forgot about it within a week. Today, exactly after one year, while cleaning my cupboard, I get a diary-2013 where I had written a few resolutions. I would gladly share them with you:
1) To write! All I want.
Some days ago, someone asked me: What inspires you to breathe? I said writing. My first love interest. The year has taught me so many things and I have loved everything I received that helped me improve my writing skills.
2) To dance! Every moment, I can.
Dancing comes as a passion to me. I have always loved spending my time singing and dancing. The last-year, though unknowingly, but I kept up my resolution.3)To sleep! Till my parents allow.
From this one can consider me to be the laziest person on the Earth. Yes! I love to sleep, a lot. And, thankfully, I did not make any effort of breaking this resolution.

4)To make new friends! 
To this, I would be glad to tell you that I have made the best friends in this year. How I wish to spend my entire life in ‘2013’. But that’s right that these ‘new friends’ have not touched the relationship I own with different other people. Everyone owns a different yet special place in my heart.
And last:

5) To work on my Super (over)Emotional being. 
Yes! I am an emotional person. Few years back when I was yet a ‘kid’, everyone considered me to be an over-emotional person. Then, I hated it. Now, I hate it even more. In the last year, I have tried my level-best to work on it. And it happened. But that has nothing to do with my being childish (like most girls, even I am.)

So! Though unknowingly yet consciously I kept up my resolutions. 😀

Year after year you learn new lessons and this year too taught me something.
One: let yourself out(emotionally) to someone, only when you can’t handle it alone.
and Two: Make resolutions. To forget. So that next year, either you will have satisfaction or a hearty laugh at your dumbness(of making such resolutions!)

Lastly, as the year ends and there are so many memories to cherish, to laugh on, to cry on, for some of us it had been a great year, for some of us it could have been a great year, I would like to thank everyone who touched my life even 0.0001% because you taught me some or the other thing, which made ‘me’. And sorry, maybe I might have hurt you and never said sorry.

Forget the bygones (anything that is hurting you) and start this year a fresh! With fresh thoughts and maybe fresh goals. All The Best and…

Fall in love
Love thy self


5 comments on “And It Goes…

  1. puneeth
    March 19, 2014

    Good one

  2. Rajul Shah
    March 27, 2014

    Thank you so much:)

    Keep reading, keep inspiring

  3. Apoorv Singh
    April 2, 2014

    Super Like

  4. Darshan Shah
    April 17, 2014

    Lol 2nd one seriously!!?!?

    I can beat u on 3rd one.. 😉 😛

    • RjMist
      April 17, 2014

      You didn’t know about the second? Yup! Seriously!

      You can! I can even win you in this:P

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