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An Open Letter To My (Future) Boyfriend!

Like all the girls, I too have dreamt of having Mr. Perfect someday. Today I draft a letter to my future Mr. Right.An Open Letter To My (Future) Boyfriend!Dear,
I know that there might have been various women who came in your life who had different personalities But remember I am special, unique and unlike the rest.

I walk through the road and see people with their partners. I want you to walk with me on every path I walk. I want you to be my support, always. I assure you that I will always be there beside you no matter who backs out.

I want you to tolerate my childishness, accept my annoying habits and of course with the due course of time you’d get habituated with it. Take part with me in my mischiefs and later explain to me what is good and what is bad.

I want you to accept me as I am, which I know you would. Yet help me change myself. I want you to love and respect my family and friends as I accept yours. My friends have been dear and special to me. Sometimes they do get possessive about me. On your arrival they will definitely be uncomfortable. Accept them and treat them as your friends only.

I want you to allow me my heart, as I will to you. I think a lot and I speak a lot. Putting up with it is all upon you. I want to sing with you, with of course no melodious voice. I want to dance with you, as if we were the best dancing couple in the universe. I want to roam about the whole world, doing all sorts of things that I’ve never done; but all together. I want you to help me in the kitchen when I make our tea or when sometimes when I bake our cake. May be the aroma would be more pleasant than otherwise. Because we’d be making it. Sometime, when I’m in no mood to cook, why don’t you cook for us?

I want to watch movies with you, read various books with you, enjoy theater- just with you.
Sometimes, when I’m not well, I want you to sit beside me, watching over me, taking care of me.
Sometimes, when I’m angry (on you) do things which will compel me to smile. I want you to hug me, when I’m in a bad mood. Speak to me in a manner that would force me to forget that I actually fought with you and I wasn’t talking to you.
Keep me like a Princess and make me feel special everyday I wake up.

I know this list seems to be quite long and any guy would run reading this itself, stating me as the expensive, demanding girlfriend!
But I just want you to love me. Today, tomorrow and always. Though I know you would, yet, I will keep reminding you. I want to spend the rest of my life enjoying each day, just with you. And at the end, I want to die in your arms.

Yours only(today and always) 


2 comments on “An Open Letter To My (Future) Boyfriend!

  1. Mohana Chary
    October 12, 2013

    Holy mother of god!!! o.O
    You have a great future in writing BOOKS!!!

  2. Rajul Shah
    October 13, 2013

    That's a pleasure hearing that.. It really inspires me when people appreciate my work..
    keep reading, keep smiling:)

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