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(Not) A Lone Walk

The dark sun hovered over my head. I was sweating badly. There was still a long way I had to walk and the only person I could find on the roads was me. No, not at all scary but definitely tiring. I could not stop anywhere, how could I? I had to reach the farm house before it got dark. And yet, a long way to go.The farm house because there was a party that evening and unfortunately I was all alone to accompany myself. My family was already there and I did not find any means after puncturing my tyre twice.There was a loud silence on the road.
The last thing to upset me was to find my bottle fully empty. I thought I was going to die of thirst. Accidentally on purpose I found a young boy leaving his car midway. I saw his car, nobody! He was walking alone. For once I hesitated to look or talk but had no other choice because I saw a bottle in his hand 😛
I got to know him as John. We started walking together then. He was going the next house of mine and so I had a company to walk with all the way.Conversations are always fun with unknown people. Sometimes you get to know different things about life. The sweet sorrows, the memories, happy moments, the lessons and what not.

We jumped from professions to politics to relations and love to reach our destination, which probably was a little away. I was almost laughing all the way. He had a sharp sense of humor and was decent.

I was relieved that I did not get any dangerous stranger who would have given me troubles on my way, rather I found a friend in him. At the end of our journey we exchanged numbers and…
           “The end is just the beginning”

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2 comments on “(Not) A Lone Walk

  1. Pradip Marwadi
    August 12, 2013

    Nicely written dear

  2. Rajul Shah
    August 12, 2013

    Thank you:)

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