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Live Life For A Reason

Early in the morning we get up. What is the first thing you remember doing this morning?
Brush, get ready, have incomplete breakfast, rush to our work places.
Ideally everyone of us do the same.

When is the minute you try sparing for yourself?
For doing anything. For starring at the mirror? For Cooking what you like? For thinking about why are you here? What is the reason behind your being here at this very moment in front of the screen? Specifically why are you present in the lane/area/city/state/country/continent you are right now? Why not somewhere else? What is the reason of your life? What is the purpose of your life?

Ask these questions once to yourself. I don’t guarantee you for answers. But answers are within you.
Living Life is for a reason. Maximum of us don’t know it, or may be we don’t bother to know it.

Around midnight two friends were walking through a lane with a long conversation. In the end of the conversation one of the friend expressed his feelings saying, ‘Dear now I don’t know why I’m feeling depressed. Not excited to see the next morning.’ The other friend without saying anything grabbed his friend’s bag and ran with all his ability till his friend was out of sight. He then left the bag in the center of the lane and went away. After a while the friend came and saw his bag. And the joy he got seeing back his bag was mark able  His friend came out and explained him that he is running for material possession, what he needs is not only materialistic but also spiritualistic wealth. Don’t you think we too rush behind what we may have already. The love, the warmth, still we are hunting for it? And then claiming not having it? Or that running after materials is screwing our emotional capability?

Guys, We live in the 21st century where thinking about yourself has also become a question unanswered and unanswerable. Not just because we have turned busy  but also because we don’t try to find reasons for our existence. I am not talking about careers. But about spiritual, spirituality.

If someone asked my purpose… The answer(I have) Would be,
“To ‘live’ life. To seek utmost enjoyment. To love. To experience all kinds of expressions. Be it happiness/sadness/anger/ joy/frustration/sympathy/anxiety or anything else. Because the four letter word ‘life’ has 14 different elements. Its difficult to eliminate any 1 element too…”
Everyone has been created purposely, we just have to find why?
What is your purpose of your life? If you don’t get a purpose, find a reason to live each day. Every single day. Early in the morning, When you wake up, first think what is today’s purpose? Before beginning your day.

Fall in love
Love thy self


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This entry was posted on December 22, 2012 by in Inspiration, Musings and Life.


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